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Mental/Emotional Causes of Imbalance:

Low self-esteem, fear of what could happen, not enough joy, things holding you back.

Physical Causes of Anemia:

Damaged spleen.  Poor nutrition.  Blood loss.  Menorrhagia (heavy periods/heavy menstrual bleeding), imbalance of periods, perimenopause, imbalance of hormones.

Systemic yeast infection, candida, candidiasis, bruising or bursting of spleen through impact trauma.  When the intestines aren’t working at their best, this negatively impacts the spleen.

Metaphysical Connection:

Anemia means we aren’t able to grab the energy we need to function.  That energy should be available to us without thought or effort — simply through breathing.  It’s our right, just as clean air is.  Breathe in the Love and the Light, the Joy, and know that it is Yours.  Ask your spiritual guides, angels, helpers to bring you joy today, that you are experiencing joy today, all day.  See what wonderful things happen!

Signs of Imbalance:

  • pale tongue, skin, finger nail bed
  • exhaustion climbing stairs, hiking, shoveling
  • rapid heart rate for simple, low-level exercise
  • feeling “sloggy”, like cold molasses is running through your veins, because that is, in effect, what’s happening: your blood needs iron to “grab onto” oxygen as it passes through your lungs.  When your blood runs to your muscles, it carries with it oxygen that muscles use to function, exactly the way a car engine needs oxygen to cause combustion and bursts of power.  Without enough oxygen, the muscles can’t send out bursts of power, your heart pumps faster to try to grab more oxygen to send to the muscles, and you end up feeling utterly exhausted.

Alternative Medicine Help:

  • beef, dried beans, dark leafy veggies, kidney beans,  molasses — for iron.
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin D through sunlight — it recharges your batteries like nothing else, and I think it helps your body, along with Vitamin A, to absorb iron you obtain through food sources
  • for heavy bleeding, try Shepherd’s Purse tincture
  • I recommend skipping the iron pills that most doctors will prescribe — they generally make people feel irritable, downright angry, and cause constipation, all without actually raising your blood iron and oxygen levels.  They don’t work and cause you the exact problems you are already fighting.  Just because a pill has the vitamin you need in your body doesn’t mean your body can extract it from the pill.
  • Stay away from any non-organic pork or poultry, antibiotics.  They kill the good bacteria in your gut, which your body needs to kill off the bad yeast.  The bad yeast causes digestive imbalance, leading to spleen imbalance, which leads to anemia, overly-heavy periods, and heavy bleeding, bruising, etc.
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