Nutrition is a major component of health and spiritual wellness. What you eat and drink affects your body, mind, emotions, and energy.

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Healthy Recipes:

Coriander Shrimp & Pea Pods
Heat large cast iron skillet on medium low. Add just enough cooking oil or butter to coat surface (canola is good when watching cholesterol levels, but can contribute to Vit. A deficiency). Saute 1 small finely sliced onion until almost translucent. Add 2 cups raw, medium-sized shrimp. Add 1.5 cups frozen or fresh pea pods. Sprinkle with several pinches of salt, add ground coriander to taste. Cook about 5 minutes, or until shrimp is pink. About 2 portions. Serve with jasmine, basmati or wild rice.

Morning Sunshine
Add large organic lemon wedge to a mug full of very hot water. Add a small amount of honey if necessary. The lemon will help to cleanse your liver and boost your immune system.

Food Allergies:

Many people have food allergies and don’t realize it, or, even worse, think they are just stuck with them. However, there are many nutritional avenues of healing. Here is a sampling:


Avoid these foods and foods made with them:

  • apples
  • tomatoes
  • cucumbers
  • most berries
  • food dyes/colorings

Hay fever

Dairy products are sneaky culprit in stuffiness, runny nose, dizziness, clogged ears and dry eyes, mouth, and throat. We have been taught that milk is important for healthy bones, etc., but vegetable sources of calcium are better absorbed by the body. Try eliminating for 2 weeks all dairy products including milk, butter, ice cream, and any prepared products such as crackers or bread which have any dairy in them. Whey is frequently found in the fine print of the ingredient list. An easy way to avoid is to buy Kosher products; they label each container with either Kosher, K, or U and if there is any dairy, the package will clearly be marked as such, near the Kosher marking.