It’s powerful to work with another person to clarify your goals and implement them. A coach helps to find the practical tools that work best for you. Call +1-603-617-4963 to make an appointment today!

Times to use a life coach or business coach:

  1. You can feel yourself transitioning, and are ready to give it your all.
  2. You’re ready to start your own business – finally! – but where to start and how to make it profitable, how to market it, how to capitalize on your own strengths and really shine – you’re ready for some help.
  3. Turning 30 just didn’t turn out right. Or 20, or 60…..
  4. You’d love to start a business, but that’s as far as you can seem to get.
  5. You’re feeling frustrated in more than one area in life.
  6. Relationships are not where you’d like them to be.
  7. You’re bored.
  8. You’ve got a great business, but it’s been stuck at one level and despite your best efforts, it’s not going in the direction you’d like.
  9. You don’t know what you want in life and you can’t figure things out.
  10. Self-improvement is important to you, and you’d like a confidential supporter in the process.
  11. Raising children is more chaotic or less fulfilling than you expected.
  12. You love yourself but not your body, and you’re ready to change that.

How Can This Work For You? Coaching can be done by phone, email, instant messenger and using other internet tools as well as in person. Each format has advantages. E-coaching is an excellent way to save time and/or work with a coach who is outside of easy travel distance.