Energy Healing

Reiki is an energy healing technique which heals emotional, spiritual, and physical imbalances and pain. It is used with increasing frequencies in hospitals and other healing centers, both before and after surgery to decrease the patient’s experience of pain and to increase the ease of surgery and speed of recovery. Reiki is also an excellent tool to significantly decrease stress and its side-effects: headaches, pain, anger, insomnia. Reiki has also been credited with astounding recoveries from cancer, broken bones, cuts, and is a remarkably gentle way to heal ear aches, fevers, bruises, and more. While 95% of the time Reiki feels like a gentle healing warmth emitting from the practitioner’s hands, it is on occasion very cold, like an ice pack. It is also not necessary to be physically touched to receive a reiki treatment; the Reiki practitioner can “send” the energy to the person requesting healing in a technique called “distance healing.” This works whether practitioner and healee are in the same room or are in different countries. See the slideshow below to see where practitioners generally place their hands, although the energy will go to the places its needed most on its own. If you prefer not to be touched, the treatment is just as effective.

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